Top 5 Smartphone Photography Apps

With the ever increasing smartphone market comes ever increasing technology for said smartphones. One of the greatest improvements to smartphones throughout the past few years have been their cameras. What once was a foreign concept of having a camera on your phone is now spreading like wildfire. From hipsters to professional photographers, smartphone cameras are being used by everyone, everywhere. While the standard camera works wonders by itself, these five apps are my personal favorites and are must haves on your smartphone! Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get updated monthly on new articles from the Blog, new galleries that have been uploaded, special offers in the shop, and more!

1. Snapseed-Free


Snapseed is an editing app that is available on the Google Play Store and the App Store. Options such as selective adjust ( which allows you to add focus on specific parts of your image by brightening the subject of the photo and dimming everything else, blurring certain parts of the image, and adjusting the contrast and saturation of select parts of the picture); adding vintage filters to add that antique look to the photo; creating the perfect HDR photo; and the option to add center focus to your pictures are the reasons why Snapseed is, personally, my favorite editing app available on smartphones. There are just so many different options that are available to you to tweak your image. If you are going to download one editing app for your phone, make it Snapseed.

2. Hipstamatic-$1.99


When I switched from the iPhone to the Galaxy, I was extremely sad that Hipstamatic was not available on any smartphones other than the iPhone. Hipstamatic is a photography app that allows you to use different retro lenses and films to add amazing filters to your photos. Hipstamatic allows in-app purchases to get additional lenses, films, flashes, and cases. There are so many combinations of lenses and films in this app that it is overwhelming. That’s where my favorite feature of Hipstamatic comes in. By shaking your phone, the app will randomly pick the lens, film, and flash that it uses for the picture you’re about to take. No two pictures are ever alike when you use Hipstamatic. For $1.99, it is the best deal on the App Store and is a must buy.

 3. Retrica-Free


Retrica is like Hipstamatic in that it has tons of fun and good looking filters for you to add to your pictures, but lacks the diversity of Hipstamatic. That being said, Retrica is available on the Google Play Store as well as the App Store, rather than just the App Store. You can change the number of pictures it takes and how it displays them. For example, you can have the app take four pictures and display them so that they are vertical like a film strip. You can also add vignette, center focus, and time your photos. Also like Hipstamatic, you can randomize the filter that Retrica uses. While it lacks a lot of the options that you would find in Hipstamatic, Retrica is a great (and free) alternative to it.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express-Free


Adobe Photoshop Express is another good app for editing your pictures. While I prefer Snapseed, a lot of people find Adobe Photoshop Express easier to use. it offers options such as auto-enhance. There are a lot of things that Adobe Photoshop Express can do to make your pictures look smoother and more professional, as pictured above. The app is free on both the Google Play Store and the App Store, but it offers in app purchases. Definitely check it out if you’re interested in a professional style editing app.

5. PicLab HD-$1.99


PicLab HD offers the option to add text to your photos on top of standard editing tools. The app is available for $1.99 on the App Store only. However, PicLab – Photo Editor (which is really the same thing as PicLab HD) is available for free on the Google Play Store with in app purchases. While I would recommend Snapseed or Adobe Photoshop Express over Piclab as an editing platform, I believe PicLab is a good app to make your photos more fun and personal.

The Boston Series 1

Boston is not just a city. Boston is a way of life. Boston is a community unlike any other.

I don’t live in Boston. However, my family does. Whenever I visit the city, I feel at home. It is the place that I feel connected to and believe that as humans we are drawn to specific places for a reason. Well that special place for me is – you guessed it – Boston.

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